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Big Brother Winners by isaiahcow1 Big Brother Winners by isaiahcow1
So I've been doing these auto generated Big Brother Seasons but making the cast people though out the community. I started with just doing 3 of them in a skype call, but they have gotten to a point where people enjoy watching me do them in the call :D So I keep track of who wins what season. So here are the winners! This is what they did every season to get them self the win! And remember, every season was witnessed by at least 8-10 people in a skype call so im not making ANY of this up!

Big Brother Season 1 Winner: Demon
People believe that Demon should not have won Big Brother 1. It originally looked as if Ebony would have won due to all the competition wins she had but Demon ended up with the win and Ebony came in second place.

Big Brother Season 2 Winner: Smash
During this season Smash formed the powerful "Nakama Alliance", But sadly Sov turned on the alliance to team up with the "Digital Shadows" alliance. Smash then became extremely determine to get Sov out and win the season. Smash went on the block many times but won numerous veto's just to keep himself in the game. In the end Smash came out as one of the BEST big brother winners.

Big Brother Season 3 Winner: Rachele
Rachele is the first female Big Brother player to win. She relied on her Showmance with Adam(MickeyMurk) to keep her in the game. They were the power duo of season 3. In the end the final 2 was Adam and Rachele. They both played an equal game to save each other but the the jury gave Rachele the votes to win season 3.

Big Brother Season 4 Winner: Flip
Flip did not win a single competition this season. Instead he relied on his social game to keep him safe. He formed an alliance with Hedge,Sov,and Nega to make a Digital Shadows alliance and they got all the way to the final 5. Flip then made a final 2 deal with Hedge which ended successful. Even though Hedge played a respectable game, the Jury felt Flip played the better game.

Big Brother Season 5 Winner: Emily
Emily is argumentatively the best female winner out of them all. She is also the youngest Big brother winner. She won her season with out a single alliance in the game. Even tougher she player against the 4 returners of the season... aka, the first 4 winners. She ended up winning MANY competitions and defeated every house guest on her own.

Big Brother Season 6 Winner: Sov
Sov has had the most Big Brother knowledge out of everyone in the game. Yet that came as a disadvantage to his game due to the fact that people saw him as a threat. He usually would be one of the first few people out every season, but this season he wasn't gonna have it. He was chosen to be america's player. Every task he completed for america, he would receive 1,000 dollars. He completed a handful of task and also won his season. He got his winner money AND his america's player money.

Big Brother Season 7 Winner: Isaiah
This is the season I won! I formed an alliance with Angel due to the fact that it was a duo season. Once the duos twist was over she quickly turned on me when she won her first HOH. I saved myself with a veto and stayed in the game for a long time. In the end it was me and Angel final 2 and I won. The only good this I did was win Veto's just to save myself. I only made moves if it affected my game.

Big Brother Season 8 Winner: Rin
This was a slow season but it happened lol. Rin kinda floated her way to jury level but her biggest accomplishment was that she never went on the block ONCE her season which is extremely impressive. In the end it was her and Zack in the Final 2 but she won in jury votes cause the Jury liked Rin more.

Big Brother Season 9 Winner: Phoe
This was a very enjoyable season and in my opinion, my favorite! This season we have Rachele,Emily,Smash,and Flip come back to play as coaches. Rachele's team was Phoe, Morkez, and Lulu. Morkez and Lulu were sadly the first 2 out and Rachele's team seemed as if it was pretty much gone at that point...and it did. But Phoe got voted by america to return to the game and he came back with a vengeance. He won many comp's and saved him self many times and it ended with him winning this season!

Big Brother 10 All-Stars Winner: Demon
This season was an EXCITING one! the only winners not to come back was me and Rin. Other key players returned aswell. This seasons had many back stabs and crazy turns including: Rachele evicting Adam (Her showmance), Rachele turning on the winners alliance and getting Sov and Emily out, and Smash crazy eviction speech yet he stayed! Yet Demon played WAY better than his first season. In the end it was a rematch as Ebony and Demon were final 2 and it ended with Demon winning AGAIN! Demon is the only player to win 2 seasons.

Big Brother 11 Winner: Forest
Forest this season play more of an under the radar game. He tried to stay off of everyone's target list and it worked out for him. In the end he made it to the final 2 and won cause he had more friends in the jury.

Big Brother 12 Winner: August
August turned out to be one of Americas favorite players. During the MVP twist they voted August many times so he could put up the 3rd nom. You can say that he was almost responsible for almost everyone's eviction. America was behind every one of his desicions 100%. In the end August won this season and America was satisfied!

~More Seasons Coming Up Soon!~
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Is it wrong I still love this pic? lol
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PrincessLucina06 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
I'm the youngest winner? o.o Awesome -u-
thedraco421 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2014
WOO-HOO! If really came to it, I would've given Ebony the win. She deserves it more 
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